February 1, 2024

Men's Gay Spas

The gay bathhouse Midtowne Spa is closing with little to no fanfare. The facility will no longer be servicing gay, bisexual and queer men as of Monday morning according to their Yelp page. Midtowne has been in operation for over 50 years and has become a popular destination for guys looking to get a good rub down.

The sex bathhouse has been a favorite for many gay men across the country and it is believed that it was one of the first sex spa's in the nation. The facilities offer a variety of services from massage to hair cuts to manicures and pedicures. The environment is usually more masculine than typical spas with a lot of attention to detail and manly scents like sandalwood, cloves and lime. There is also a focus on a more intimate experience with a single masseuse serving one guy at a time.

While the coddling might be a bit over the top, it's what many men want from their spa's and it seems to be working. More and more spas are catering to men's needs with male-only treatment areas, men-only locker rooms and even single-gender therapists.

For a few bucks more than getting a pedicure at a women's only salon, a man can go to a place like Hammer and Nails (multiple locations) or Sir Spa (Chicago), both of which have gained popularity thanks to the fact that their services are tailored for guys. In addition to the manly scents and products, these men's spa's also feature masculine imagery and music to make patrons feel at home. And while some men may chatter about their day or cheer on England's chances in the World Cup during their treatments, most simply want to unwind and let their bodies be rubbed, scrubbed and indulged.


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