February 2, 2024

Joyner Lucas and Eminem Release "What If I Was Gay" Track

Joyner Lucas and Eminem have released a controversial song called "What If I Was Gay." This is the latest in a long list of songs from the rappers that address issues involving the LGBT community.

The track was leaked this week, and it has already made headlines. The two rappers rap from the perspectives of young teens growing up in conservative settings. They talk about the conflicting feelings of cognitive dissonance that occur when you're different from your peers. The song also explores the danger of keeping one's homosexuality hidden for fear of being condemned to hell by faith-based bigots.

Both rappers deliver their verses with conviction and energy. They also sound like they're having a good time. However, the song seems to imply that homosexuality is a sin. The narrator says that it's a "genetic flaw" and that you should repent. The narrator also mentions that you can become straight through sex or by getting a girlfriend.

Eminem has been accused of promoting homophobia in the past, but this song is more subtle than some of his other lyrics. He raps from the perspective of a friend of Lucas who doesn't seem very supportive. The character eventually commits suicide, and the narrator expresses regret in his voice.

The song isn't going to win any awards, but it has its own merits as a piece of hip-hop culture. Regardless, it's a shame that artists feel the need to release these kinds of polarizing music.


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