February 7, 2024

Is Tom Hardy Gay?

Known for his roles in movies like Venom, Dunkirk and Inception, actor tom hardy is an international superstar with a huge fan following. The hunky actor is also a major part of hit series like Peaky Blinders, Star Trek: Nemesis and Warrior. Apart from acting, he is a successful businessman who has founded his own company. He is also a father to a 13-year-old son and has been vocal about how his child has changed his life.

The actor has a reputation for being very upfront with his interviews and does not shy away from revealing the dark parts of his life. He has been open about his drug addiction and even shared how he had s*x with men in his teen years as a form of experimenting. The 38-year-old British actor recently hit the headlines after he shut down a reporter’s question about his sexuality at a press conference to promote his new film Legend.

While Hardy is not homophobic, he has never been in a same-sex relationship and is openly heterosexual. He is currently married to Charlotte Riley and the couple shares a beautiful son together. Prior to his marriage, he was in a long-term relationship with Sarah Ward. After their divorce, he dated Rachel Speeds, an assistant director who he met on the set of The Virgin Queen in 2005.

The actor is a huge fan of sports and enjoys playing cricket and golf in his spare time. He loves to go on vacation with his family and is a huge animal lover. He is also a keen painter and loves to cook and bake sourdough bread.


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