February 1, 2024

Is Tom Cruise's Gay Lover John Travolta?

As one of the biggest action stars of his time, it's not too surprising that Tom Cruise is the subject of numerous gay rumors. While he's never publicly addressed any sexual orientation, the Top Gun star has been linked to various men over his four-decade career in Hollywood.

Even after his lust-turned-love marriage with Nicole Kidman ended in divorce, he still had a string of romantic partners including Penelope Cruz and Kate Holmes. But there's been one rumor that has resurfaced over and over again: Is Tom Cruise secretly gay?

The gay rumors around the actor have been fueled by his intense personality, inscrutable private life, and attachment to the Church of Scientology. Some speculate that he switched to the religion because it helps him deal with homosexual urges. Others believe the sect promotes homophobia and conducts some form of conversion therapy on its members.

While some of the rumors have a basis in truth, others are simply tabloid garbage. Considering his high-profile status, intense persona, and his sexy good looks, it's easy to see why the gay rumors keep resurfacing.

In the latest round of rumors, John Travolta allegedly hooked up with Cruise after watching him in Risky Business. The alleged romance then blossomed into a 30-year long love affair. But like most of the other rumors surrounding the actor, neither Travolta nor Cruise have confirmed it to be true. Jann Wenner, co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine, also made a big claim about Cruise in his recent memoir. The 76-year-old journalist wrote that he believed the actor is gay and has been hiding it for years.


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