February 7, 2024

Is Todd Chrisley Gay?

For years now, there has been speculation that reality TV star Todd Chrisley is gay. Even though the family patriarch from Chrisley Knows Best has been happily married to his wife Julie for more than 20 years and they have five children ranging in age from Savannah to Chase, the rumors of him being gay seem to stick around.

However, this week as the Chrisley family awaits his impending prison sentence for bank fraud and tax evasion, Todd decided to finally address the long-standing rumors on the matter. Appearing on the latest episode of his podcast, Chrisley Confessions — which he hosted along with son Chase instead of wife Julie — the embattled celebrity shut down claims that he enjoyed an intimate relationship with his former business partner Mark Braddock. Despite being about to be incarcerated for years to come, the reality star didn’t take the accusation very lightly.

The reality star was adamant that he is not gay and that if he did enjoy being intimate with another man it would be a much more attractive man than the one he likened to a thumb. He was also clear that he doesn’t care for Braddock and that it was a “stupid” move on his part to have an affair with him.

While the star was clearly unfazed by the accusations of a homosexual affair with Braddock, he did take issue with the way that his story about what allegedly took place between them changed over time. He was not happy with how his story was presented in court and told his son to never make a decision in such a manner again.


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