February 2, 2024

Is the Guy Who Plays Sheldon Gay?

Is The Guy Who Plays Sheldon Gay?

It’s one thing to come out as gay in the real world, but it’s a whole different ballgame in Hollywood. Many actors worry about losing followers, their reputations and even possible rejections from production companies. However, one star isn’t worried about any of those things: The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons. He married his partner of 15 years, Todd Spiewak, in 2018. The couple is so popular that they have a spinoff prequel called Young Sheldon coming to CBS this fall.

Parsons has spoken openly about his sexuality in the past and recently sat down with James Lipton for an episode of Inside The Actor’s Studio. During the conversation, a reporter facetiously asked him how difficult it was to play a straight romantic interest. After a quick laugh, Parsons emphasized that he wasn’t saying cisgender actors shouldn’t play gay roles.

He then went on to explain that he felt it was important for the show to portray LGBT characters. He also noted that he didn’t think it was “fair” to expect straight actors to play gay characters because they wouldn’t be as authentic.

This interview comes on the heels of another one in which Parsons discussed his views on casting straight actors in LGBTQ roles. During a Zoom chat with Cheyenne Jackson for an upcoming special of the hit series Call Me Kat, Parsons was asked about the debate over whether straight, cisgender actors should play LGBTQ characters.


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