February 1, 2024

Is the Actor Who Plays Rusty on Major Crimes Gay?

Is The Actor Who Plays Rusty On Major Crimes Gay?

Patrick Martin plays Russell Thomas 'Rusty' Beck on TNT’s Major Crimes, a police procedural that is known for delivering more heart (and characterization) than your typical CSI or Law & Order. He has a long resume that includes roles on shows like Two and a Half Men and as the titular character of Delirium, but his most notable work may be on Major Crimes, where he truly embodies a complicated homosexual role in an outstanding performance.

First appearing on the show as a witness to a violent crime, Rusty came to the attention of Det. Sharon Raydor (series star Mary McDonnell) and was ultimately taken in as her guardian. After coming out to her in the Season 2 finale, Rusty has been searching for a way to share his secret with the rest of the team.

Rusty’s quest for the truth led him to uncovering the identity of Alice Herrera, a murder victim who was found in Griffith Park. He then befriends Alice’s brother Gustavo Wallace, who turns out to be a critical figure in resolving the case and helping Rusty find Alice’s sister Paloma.

In the end, Rusty’s reluctance to tell the rest of the team about his sexuality could ultimately jeopardize their efforts. But it’s a heartwarming story that proves no matter how much of a mess we make of our lives, we can still find redemption and hope.


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