February 7, 2024

Is Steve Lacy Gay?

When Steve Lacy isn’t rocking out with his band The Internet or making music for TikTok, he’s a model in fashion and lifestyle brands. The young star’s height—he stands at 6 feet 1 inch—gives him a commanding presence and is the perfect complement to his innate talent as a performer.

Lacy’s style has garnered him a cult following that’s growing by the day. Whether it’s an IG post of him with his long, flowing black braids or a shoot with Highsnobiety, the singer and model looks nothing short of a modern-day superstar.

He’s also a Grammy award-winning artist who just hit number one on Billboard with “Bad Habit.” The single is the focus track from his sophomore album Gemini Rights, which debuted at no. 7 on the charts and earned him three Grammy nominations.

The musician is also an openly bisexual figure and he sparked controversy after he said that he wasn’t interested in dating black men in a Tumblr post. However, he later apologized and stated that he didn’t mean to be offensive in his response.

Lacy’s startlingly young and storied career has already seen him become an accomplished producer, a member of the Odd Future-aligned R&B collective the Internet, and a collaborator with stars like Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator. His music is at once breezy and fraught, sensual but never slick, and he is one of the most exciting and singular songwriters of his generation.


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