February 7, 2024

Is Shemar Moore Gay?

Shemar Moore is back to the gossip mill, and this time, it’s not because of gay rumors but because he might be welcoming another baby into his family. The actor has been plagued with gay rumors for years now, but he’s been very clear about the fact that he isn’t homosexual. The star of Criminal Minds has never let those rumors take away from his work and has urged fans to respect his privacy.

Apparently, the rumors started after he was pictured with a fan at an LGBTQ nightclub. The photos went viral, and people started wondering if Shemar Moore was gay. The actor took to Instagram to debunk the rumors, and he also shared a clapback video.

The clip he posted was a response to the people who accused him of being gay and told him to “get out more.” In the clapback video, Shemar Moore says that he’s straight, and that he has many female friends. He even challenges those claiming that he’s gay to name one guy he has ever been romantically linked with.

The Criminal Minds star is currently dating his girlfriend Jesiree Dizon. She’s a beauty expert, and they are happy together. Shemar has recently revealed that the couple is expecting a child soon. He said that the baby is a special gift to him because it’s the anniversary of his mother’s death. Hopefully, Shemar will get to fulfil his wish of marrying his girlfriend and having kids soon.


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