February 7, 2024

Is Joshua Bassett Gay?

In a time when there are countless stories of LGBTQ celebrities forced to hide their true sexuality for religious purposes and pressures from family members and friends, Joshua Bassett is doing things differently. The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star took to Twitter to clarify that he is indeed gay and has never hidden his orientation from anyone.

In the tweet, he also asked that those around him be more understanding and supportive of people who are not in agreement with their beliefs. He concluded by wishing for peace, love, and tolerance.

While queer Christians do exist and have a place in this world, the church that Bassett just joined has a troubling history with the LGBTQ community. The church's "Changed Movement" pushes the false belief that it is possible to change one's sexuality. Countless studies have shown the real, tangible harm that comes to LGBTQ people who feel they must suppress their identity for the sake of religion.

It is unfortunate that the church Bassett just joined encourages individuals to renounce their sexuality in order to "change." It's also disheartening to see him make light of this issue by saying, "I visited this church and happened to get baptized here- I was unaware of some of their policies and beliefs, and do not endorse all of them." It's important for people to do their research before getting baptized in any church and to always be sure they're joining a community that aligns with their values.


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