February 7, 2024

Is Hozier Gay?

The Irish singer-songwriter Hozier is adored by fans from all walks of life, but one group that especially loves him is the queer community. Hozier is a sapphic icon, and has become a voice of inclusion and acceptance through his music.

He rose to fame after the release of his gay rights anthem "Take Me To Church" in 2013. The music video depicts two men kissing before experiencing brutal retribution by masked avengers, and this message resonated with many people, especially those who were targeted by anti-gay violence. Hozier has consistently been an outspoken LGBTQ+ ally since, and frequently emphasizes the fight for equality and inclusivity through his social media platforms.

As a result, he has garnered a large lesbian and queer fanbase, and often speaks to them with compassion and understanding. His fans have even begun to bring Pride flags to his concerts, which has endeared him further to the community.

Hozier’s beautiful, flowing hair has also been a big draw for his lesbian fans. As everyone knows, the hair is a significant part of lesbian canon, and Hozier’s beautiful blonde locks have been featured in several of his videos. This has prompted many fans to create their own YouTube tributes, which are sure to bring tears and joy to any viewer.


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