February 7, 2024

Is Dan Levy Gay?

As a multi-talented actor, producer, and director, Dan Levy has earned international fame for his work on films and TV shows such as Admission, Schitt's Creek, Happiest Season, and more. Fans are always curious about the actor's personal life, especially his sexual orientation, and whether or not he's dating anyone.

Luckily, Levy hasn't been secretive about his sexual orientation. In fact, he's openly gay and has been for years. However, the actor isn't married or in a relationship in real life and prefers to keep his personal life private. According to a 2015 interview with Out Magazine, Levy said that he's single primarily due to his dedication to his career and hopes to find someone once his work schedule slows down.

The star also shared that his family has been supportive of his sexual orientation since the beginning of his career. He told the podcast Phone a Friend with Jessi Cruickshank that his parents, including his father Eugene, knew he was gay and didn't pressure him to come out until he felt ready. He added that his mother was instrumental in the process and she asked him over lunch when he was 18.

Although Levy hasn't opened up about his romantic life publicly, he did share a bit of information on coming out to his parents on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Thursday. He said that his mother had known about his sexual orientation for some time and was waiting for him to be ready to talk about it. She knew that he'd eventually feel comfortable enough to open up about it and he did over lunch with his mom one day.


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