February 7, 2024

Is Benoit Blanc Gay?

After a whirlwind three years, Daniel Craig is back as ascot-loving detective Benoit Blanc for the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery sequel. The first film's success led to calls for a follow-up and with it, fans wanted to know more about the enigmatic character. Director Rian Johnson cleared up at least one mystery, confirming that Blanc is gay.

Though many of the characters in Knives Out seemed to hint at the actor's sexuality, Johnson confirmed the fact in a press conference for the sequel during the London Film Festival. He was asked directly if the character was queer and said, "Yes, obviously."

Johnson was careful not to spoil any of the new movie during his Q&A, keeping plot details under wraps ahead of its December 23 premiere on Netflix. However, he did reveal that Blanc's live-in partner in the sequel is played by Hugh Grant. The pair are seen together in a brief scene when Janelle Monae's character arrives at the detective's apartment and he's too busy in the bath to answer.

After the revelation, plenty of fans took to social media to share their reaction. Many felt that the director handled the situation with grace, as the revelation was relatively casual and didn't feel like a big deal. Others, though, took issue with the statement, arguing that it was an example of poor representation and calling out Rian for highlighting his gay character without actually portraying him as such.


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