February 7, 2024

Is 6ix9ine Gay?

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is in the headlines for a lot of reasons. He faces federal charges, a child sex charge, and even claims of domestic violence against the mother of his young daughter. His music is a harsh, in-your-face auditory assault that is not for everyone. And while many people panned his debut mixtape, Day69, others see the artist as one who can rise from the gutter and become something bigger than his criminal past.

Recently, a picture of the rapper wearing a pastel-coloured shirt and rainbow-coloured cornrows went viral on Twitter. The photo was accompanied by wild claims that the rapper was coming out as gay. Moreover, a NSFW video of the rapper with a man that slightly resembles him has also popped up on the internet. But the rapper has denied being gay and has not publicly addressed rumors of him being g*y.

While 6ix9ine has not yet openly stated that he is gay, he has a baby daughter with a woman named Sarah and has been seen posing with her on social media. In addition, he has donated to various charities and visited terminally ill children for whom their wish was to meet the rapper. He has also paid his respects to the late XXXTENTACION and is a well-respected figure in hip-hop. Despite his controversial image, 6ix9ine has a strong following. He is a popular rapper who has influenced a generation of artists with his abrasive, loud style of music.


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