February 1, 2024

Imagine a World Where Being Gay is the Normal

Imagine a world where being gay is the norm, and heterosexuality is the outcast. This never-before-done film takes viewers on a thought-provoking trip to that future, where homosexuality is embraced while heterosexuals are the ones subjected to bullying and prejudice.

K Rocco Shields, director of this powerful short film, watched in horror as the news resurfaced numerous LGBTQ teen suicides stemming from continuous bullying and oppression. This prompted her to take action and bring awareness about LGBT rights through the power of cinema.

The film focuses on Ashley, a young girl who develops interest in boys despite living with two homophobic mothers. Her fascination with men leads to her being abused in person and online by both her classmates and family members. She is even thrown out of her high school by her principal for letting out her secret. She eventually decides that she can’t live in a world where she is treated like a freak and lets her life fall apart, ultimately taking her own life.

Shields does a good job of exploring various issues in this film and bringing attention to the importance of LGBT rights. However, her film is also a bit over the top and cliché with its depictions of exaggerated hatred, bullying and torment. Moreover, it displays a lack of hope, which can be very damaging to young viewers. Especially since the film ends with the girl committing suicide, a message that may be hard to take seriously.


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