February 1, 2024

iDubbbz What Are You Gay Song

idubbbz what are you gay song is a meme created by iDubbbzTV that mocks people who enjoy music like pop, rock and country. It also reflects the fact that some people think that enjoying certain genres of music makes them gay. The song is popular among the Youtuber community and has been played and listened to by millions of people.

iDubbbzTV (real name Ian Carter) is a four-eyed homosexual unfunny rapist sperg who scrapes the bottom of the YouTube nobodies barrel to create his videos. He has collaborated with large content creators such as Jacksfilms, Filthy Frank and Daxflame, and has a large following on his own channel. He is also known for his irrational gangbanging sessions with various fellow cuntroaches.

He is the creator of many lulzy video series, including the Content Cop series, which has received over 250 million views combined. In these videos, he criticizes creators whose content he feels is questionable or poorly executed. Some of his most controversial videos include ones that criticize Sam Mongeau for using the word “n*gger” and claims she is a racist, in addition to arguing with RiceGum about her use of the term.

In 2021, he began planning an event called Creator Clash, in which several Youtubers would fight each other for charity. However, he later dropped the idea after his girlfriend made an onlyfans account on his channel, which caused him to lose a large amount of subscribers and momentum.


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