February 1, 2024

How to Tell If Your Wife is Gay

Sometimes spouses of gay or bisexual partners are the last to know about their mates' sexual orientation. It may be a long, slow process for both of you to come to terms with this revelation. In addition, your wife might be dealing with some serious emotions, and her needs should be a priority.

It's a little sad, but it's not out of the ordinary for straight spouses to discover their wives are gay or bisexual after having been married for years. In some cases, this discovery can be a result of infidelity or other issues. Regardless of the reasons for the delay in coming out, this is an important decision to make and should not be taken lightly.

When your wife starts wearing blazers more frequently and expressing an interest in makeup, it could be a sign that she is exploring her feminine side. You might also notice her nails are getting shorter and she has stopped sporting a frat boy-esque style of fashion (shocking pink lipstick and long, slouchy blazers).

Many bisexual and lesbian women prefer to have short hair, especially when it comes to a no-fuss cut like the pixie or undercut fade. She may not even like to wear long nails at all and chalks it up to the fact that she's a woman now.

Some bisexual and lesbian women are open about their sexual preferences in the workplace, whereas others are more discreet. You might find that your wife has a female coworker or colleague she likes to chat with and is interested in her as more than just a friend. She might also start to hang out with other women more often.


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