February 1, 2024

How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Gay

If you're in a relationship with a guy and suspect that he might be gay, it can feel like your world has flipped upside down. You can't just look at him and make a decision; you have to analyze his actions, listen to him talk about his friends, and consider how he interacts with other guys. He's probably not flirting with them, but he might be doing something else to show that he's attracted to men.

He talks about his male coworkers, other men in his social circle, or the guys he hangs out with most often. He may also talk about his own past relationships with other men. If he never seems to talk about the women he's dated, this could be one of the biggest signs that he is gay.

He's overly affectionate with other men. He might show this in public by giving hugs to the guys at work or hanging out with them after work. If he seems to always be hugging and kissing other men, it could be a sign that he's bisexual or gay.

He has a gay dating app profile. Although it's not a good idea to catfish your boyfriend on apps (which is a violation of his privacy), you should pay attention to what he puts on his social media profiles. If he has lots of photos and videos of him with other men, it's likely that he is gay. Alternatively, he may be pansexual and just enjoys being around men.


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