February 1, 2024

How to Tell If a Guy is Gay and Likes You

A gay guy who likes you may display a variety of subtle and overt signs that signal his interest in you. These include prolonged eye contact, smiles, and touching. He also might show a more open and flirtatious behavior around you than he does with other men. Some gay men are hesitant to display their interest in public for fear of discrimination or harassment, but they will often be more relaxed and receptive around people with whom they feel comfortable.

He might display a strong interest in LGBTQI+ movies, TV shows, or music, preferring to consume these items privately and discreetly. He might also share these preferences with only a few close friends. This could hint at a desire to connect with the LGBT community, which he may be unable or unwilling to acknowledge publicly.

If he has a closeted gay friend, it could be a clue that he is also a gay man. He might talk about his friend frequently, particularly if the topic is about dating or relationships. His friend could be a woman, but the fact that he spends time with him and talks about him often is a big indication that he’s into men.

Pay attention to how he treats other gay men. If he touches other gay guys in ways that feel warm, supportive, and affectionate, it’s a sign that he’s interested in building a connection with them. This type of touch can create feelings of trust and intimacy, which are the foundation for any relationship.


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