January 31, 2024

How to Tell If a Girl is Gay

When you see a girl that you're interested in, it can be difficult to tell if she is gay. Unless she openly comes out to you, you'll need to observe her actions and listen to her conversations for clues.

If she talks about her lesbian friends, watches rom-coms that involve girls instead of boys and swoons over Tegan and Sara, she's probably into women. She may even be in the process of coming out as a lesbian or bisexual.

You can also ask her about her sexual orientation, but be sure to do it in a non-threatening way. You don't want to start a conversation with, "Are you gay?" This question is not only offensive but it can put her on the defensive. Instead, you can try to connect with her by talking about the same things that she likes. This can include the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Modern Family, music by Tegan and Sara, or her favorite sports team.

If you know her well enough, you might be able to tell by the way she looks at you. A look of disdain or contempt could be a sign that she's not into you. Alternatively, she may be into you if she gives you the universal lesbian head nod (also known as gaydar). This is the one way that lesbians recognize each other out in the wild. This is a good clue that she might be into you, but it's not the only indication.


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