February 1, 2024

How to Stop Being Gay is Back in the Spotlight After Being Banned From Campbell County Schools

The book 'How to Stop Being Gay' is in the spotlight again after being banned from Campbell County schools. The book has been out of the library system since a complaint from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL). The district says it's going to review its material reconsideration policy.

The premise of the book is that it is not easy to be gay. It talks about societal condemnation and how friends will abandon you, even in countries where homosexuality is legal. It also discusses the fear of being lynched by an angry mob and how you will feel like a failure when your family discovers your sexual orientation.

There are several ways to prevent homosexuality, according to the book. It lists sex education as one of the best ways to prevent homosexuality, and it mentions that some people are able to overcome their homosexual tendencies through so-called conversion therapy. But that therapy is widely debunked and criticized for its harmful effects on the LGBTQ community.

Juno Dawson, who wrote the book, tells Rolling Stone she didn't initially want to write it. But she says she's happy that the book is helping people understand homosexuality. She's also glad that it's been an important resource for sex ed classes.

The book has been criticized for promoting stereotypes about the LGBTQ community. The book disproves the stereotypes through theoretical examples and testimonials from queer people who submitted blurbs for the book.


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