June 13, 2024

How to Respond to Hey Messages Effectively and Creatively

Receiving a "Hey" message can often be confusing and leave you wondering how to respond or if you even should. Whether it's on a dating app or a messaging platform, let's explore different strategies to handle this ubiquitous and often exasperating greeting.

Choosing Not to Respond

No Obligation: You are not obligated to respond to every message you receive, especially if it comes from someone you don't know or aren't interested in.

Blocking or Ignoring: If the sender appears suspicious or you have no interest in them, feel free to block or ignore them.

Humorous or Playful Reactions

Rickroll Them: If you're not very interested in having a conversation and want to playfully end the interaction, consider sending a Rickroll link.

Mild Sarcasm: Respond with a sarcastic comment like, "Whoa, that 'hey' was supercharged. I can feel the chemistry from here," to add a humorous twist.

Basic Responses

Echo the "Hey": Simply replying "hey" back is a minimal effort way to return the greeting.

Non-Committal Alternatives: Words like "Hi" or "Hello" offer a similar non-committal response, pushing the ball back into their court.

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Slightly Engaging Questions

Ask 'Sup?: A simple question that requires more than a one-word response but isn't too engaging.

Ask About Their Day: Queries like "How has your day been?" or "Tell me something fun you did today," invite more detailed responses.

Using Their Profile Information

Personalization: Review their profile and use their name in your response, like "Hey [Name]!" This indicates some interest and a personal touch.

Profile Insights: Ask a question based on something from their profile, like a hobby or interest, which shows you've invested a bit of effort.

Expressing Genuine Interest

Flirty Pickup Lines: If their profile looks intriguing and you feel flirty, use a clever pickup line.

One-Liner Fun: A cute or witty one-liner like, "Hey back... I was just wondering about you," can initiate fun banter.

Excited to Hear From Them: If it's someone you're glad to hear from, express it with lines like, "Oh hey... I'm glad you reached out!"

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Starting a Legitimate Conversation

Deep Dive: For profiles that pique your interest, skip the perfunctory greeting and dive into a question or comment that initiates a meaningful conversation.

Conversation Starters: Ask for their opinion, share something about your day, or propose a funny joke or meme to keep the interaction engaging.

Understanding Why People Send “Hey” Messages

While receiving a "Hey" message can often be frustrating due to its lack of specificity, it also provides an excellent opportunity to steer the conversation in any direction you prefer. Here’s a comprehensive guide on various strategies to effectively respond to "Hey":

Testing the Waters: Some people send multiple “Hey” messages to see who responds before investing in more engaging communication.

Lack of Conversational Skills: They might not be adept at initiating conversations, making it your opportunity to lead with engaging topics.

Checking Availability: “Hey” can be a way to see if you’re available before they send a more detailed message.


The way you choose to respond to a "hey" message should be guided by your level of interest in the person and the context of the interaction. From ignoring it altogether to engaging in a meaningful conversation, the choice is yours. Figuring out the best approach will help you navigate the murky waters of digital communication with ease and confidence.

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