February 2, 2024

How to Meet Older Gay Men

If you’re an older gay man in search of serious commitments, long term friendships or even just casual dates, it’s worth checking out online personals. Many gay men of a certain age who are looking for something different than what they’re getting out of the bar and club scene often turn to sites like Daddyhunt, which has been helping gay men connect with one another for 15 years.

Some older gay men who have tried dating the millenials might find themselves frustrated by finding that the younger guys don’t really “speak their language” when it comes to a commitment-based LGBTQ relationship. However, it’s important to remember that you’ve earned your age. Your wisdom, survivor skills and rich life experiences can be an asset in a relationship. Unpack your own biases and prejudices, then focus on creating a meaningful, loving bond with a guy who appreciates all that you bring to the table.

Having a gay-affirmative therapist to support you in your dating journey is also a good idea. I work with men over 50 all over the country (in person or via a video call) who are navigating the dating scene with fresh eyes. I’ve helped them rewrite their app profiles, learn to bottom comfortably and clarify what they want from new relationships moving forward. It’s a rewarding and challenging part of my practice, especially as the American “baby boomer” generation continues to age.


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