February 1, 2024

How to Meet Gay Friends

Forging a close friendship with someone requires a lot of common ground, and while your sexual orientation is a great starting point for connection, it’s not enough to sustain a meaningful relationship. The LGBTQ community is extremely diverse and has many different perspectives on life, so it’s important to be open to these differences and willing to learn from people with varying views.

One of the best ways to meet gay friends is to find a local LGBT community group or event. You can start by doing a simple Google search for “LGBT group (city name)” or by searching on Facebook. Regardless of where you live, most cities have a wide range of groups that are active in the community and host activities such as brunches, game nights, and social gatherings. Depending on where you live, there are also often LGBT sports leagues that are geared toward men or women.

You can also consider joining a group that is focused on advocacy and service, such as a volunteer organization or a political committee. This is a fantastic way to expand your circle of friends while doing something good in the community. If you are religious, there may also be a number of LGBTQ-friendly religious groups to join, which is a wonderful way to meet gay men in your area and enhance your spirituality.

Once you have made a new friend, it is important to continue to nurture the relationship through virtual or in-person get-togethers. Remember that it can be easy to let a connection go cold after getting their contact information, but you should always try to initiate conversation at least once every few weeks to show your interest.


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