February 2, 2024

How to Make the Ambiguously Gay Duo Costume

Halloween is a time for couples to dress up together and show off their personalities. There are plenty of options for queer couples to choose from — but sometimes finding the perfect outfits can be a challenge. That’s why INSIDER has put together some ideas to help everyone find the perfect couple costume for this Halloween.

For a pair of guys who love to cross swords, you can’t go wrong with Ace and Gary from Saturday Night Live. This duo, also known as The Ambiguously Gay Duo, are a parody of the stereotypical superhero pair (think Super Friends). They wear matching bodysuits and fight crime and their nemesis, Bighead.

This is an easy-to-make costume for two friends. You’ll need a blue bodysuit and yellow briefs, plus a red belt to accentuate the briefs. Add a pair of yellow gloves and boots, then finish off the look with a mask.

If you’re a bit more ambitious, you can make yourself and your partner into characters from Sister Mary and the Demon of Satan. This is a really sexy option for any gay couple that loves kink and scandal. It requires a lot of makeup work, but it’s sure to be the highlight of any Halloween party. It’s also a great way to show off your legs.


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