February 1, 2024

How to Make Gay Friends in NYC

Despite being one of the most populous cities in the country, New York can be a lonely place for gay men. If you’re looking for new friends in the city, there are a variety of ways to find them. You can join a sports team, start dating, or meet other gay people through a social group. Some of these groups are online, while others are in-person.

Several different dating apps are available for homosexuals, including Grindr and Scruff. While many users of these sites are looking for casual hookups, you can also find a lot of people who are just looking to connect platonically. If you’re a man in a relationship, you can also try using a gay dating app that’s focused on platonic relationships, such as Yubo or CUNY GLBT.

Another great way to make gay friends in nyc is to join a social group that’s focused on your interests. There are a lot of LGBT social groups in NYC, from hobby-specific ones to political advocacy groups. You can even find a group that’s focused on your favorite restaurant or bar.

Once you’ve met a few new gay friends, it’s important to keep in touch. Make sure to reach out on a regular basis, whether it’s through text or video chat. You can also plan virtual or in-person get-togethers to continue getting to know your new friends. Make sure to ask your friends about their work and personal lives, as well as share some of your own.


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