January 31, 2024

How to Make Bowser Forget That He's Gay

For countless people of a certain generation, booting up Super Mario 64 as a kid was one of the most cherished memories of their childhood. The game’s iconic boss battles and the memorable line “So long gay Bowser” left a lasting impression on many fans. But now that the line has been removed from a new version of the video game, many players are upset.

The line was originally misheard by players of the Nintendo 64 platformer during the boss fights, and became a meme. Many took it to be a reference to Bowser’s sexual orientation, and over the years, the line has gathered more weight as a political statement.

But the Nintendo company never confirmed or denied that the character is gay, and it has never addressed the issue directly. It has, however, made some changes to the character that have been interpreted as confirmation of this theory.

For example, in Double Cross, Bowser’s eyes and stomach glow orange and he has a large breast. He also has a pair of pink bowtie earrings, a change from his previous style that was more masculine.

There are a number of ways to make Bowser forget that he’s Gay Bowser, and return to his normal form. The best way is to boom him with a Bowser Bomb or Giygas Bomb, as this will cause him to lose all of his powers and be more easily defeated. However, if you don’t want to waste your Boom Bombs, you can always use a Power Star to revert him back to his normal self.


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