February 2, 2024

How to Get the Ballad of Gay Tony For Grand Theft Auto V

TBoGT marks a return to high-octane action from the previous GTA installments. Bigger guns, better missions and a story that ties up loose ends from The Lost and Damned make this an expansion worth adding to your game.

Luis Fernando Lopez is a Dominican ex-drug dealer who works as the personal bodyguard of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, a nightclub owner and socialite in Liberty City. The Ballad of Gay Tony follows Luis' efforts to help his boss overcome a series of problems, including drug addiction, debts and disputes with mafia crime families.

The Ballad of Gay Tony introduces new side missions, characters and an additional vehicle to the game. It also reworks the in-game graphics and adds several new features. For example, the daytime sky is much brighter compared to The Lost and Damned or Grand Theft Auto IV. The game also has a wider range of musical genres than its predecessors, from jazz to punk rock. Lastly, the game allows players to save their progress at any time through the Pause Menu. Players will also be able to track their progress towards 100% completion of the game's content. There are ten exclusive achievements to unlock in this expansion, including freefalling for the longest time and winning the L.C. Cage Fighters championship. Other objectives include dancing at both of Tony's clubs perfectly and killing all 50 seagulls in the game. Upon completing all these tasks, the player will receive a Gold Star in the game's trophy list.


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