February 2, 2024

How to Get Into Gay For Pay

When it comes to getting into gay for pay, many male performers have very different ideas of what it means. Conventional wisdom says a gay-for-pay performer is a guy who’s straight in his daily life but “works” in the gay porn industry—and, oh yeah, makes money doing so. But some people in the industry say a guy can be gay for pay even if he doesn’t identify as a homosexual or has never had same-sex relationships. It’s almost like sexual-orientation window dressing.

Another point of contention is whether or not a man who is gay for pay can be a good sex worker. Some people say he can, but others argue that a person can’t make a living at sex work without being an expert in the kinks of the trade. That’s especially true when it comes to oral sex, or bottoming, which is the erotic climax of many of these scenes.

The truth is, it’s a little harder to tell than the experts are willing to admit. There are only a handful of large scale, reliable studies on homosexual men in the workforce. Some of them rely on self-reporting, which is messy. Others rely on sex data, which is equally messy – how many same-sex experiences does it take to be considered gay?

Those kinds of roadblocks don’t stop some people from trying to make a living from their sexual attraction to other men. Some of these guys are erotic for money alone, while others do it because they’re in love with their partners or are just looking for some fun.


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