February 1, 2024

How to Get Big Gay Al's Cats in South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Big Gay Al is unhappy that his cats have gone missing in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and he's got an unusual request for the New Kid. Big Gay Al wants all six of his cats returned to him. You'll need to use buddy powers and timefarts to capture each one of these skittish kitties, but don't worry - the process is pretty easy. Once you have all six cats, you can return them to Big Gay Al and earn yourself the Feline Costume Set and Snowcat Costume Set.

The first cat you need is Big Gay Shadow, which is hanging out on the snowy area in front of the movie theatre and Tweek Bros Coffee. To get it, simply approach it and activate Timefart Pause to rush in and grab it before it runs away. You'll need to do this a few times until you have it all.

Next up is Big Gay Bono, which can be found on a plank in the middle of the SoDoSoPa homeless camp area, where you'll have passed through in the story during the Professor Chaos mission. To get it, Fartkour to the middle of the area and approach the plank. Once you're there, activate Timefart Pause and jump down onto it to grab the cat before it runs off.

The last cat you need is Big Gay Bogie, which can be found on the path leading to the Canadian Wall in Hillvale Farms. To get it, you'll need to trick the farmer in the Memberberry Farms by dragging a crate of Memberberries next to him and using Timefart Pause to block his path and push the crate over him. Once the farmer is blocked, go past him and reach the wooded area to find Bogie on a tree branch.


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