February 1, 2024

How to Find a Gay Top

When it comes to gay sex, many of us find ourselves stuck in one of two roles: top or bottom. And while there is nothing wrong with either position, it can feel like a cult you've joined for life and that the only other option is to be vers (for versatile).

Whether you were a top or bottom in your cruising days or just got your first cock ring, you might want to consider switching things up. It could be a refreshing change of pace and a way to explore new sexual pleasures that you may have been overlooking.

Gay men tend to get more versatile with time, and it is perfectly normal to enjoy different positions. It's also very possible that you've been avoiding bottoming because you think it will somehow threaten your masculinity, but that's no reason to remain a top-only queen. Bottoming is hard work -- it's a total core workout, requiring endurance, strength and precision. And just as many horny guys train their bodies to do thrusts from the waist down, it's also important for tops to train their chest up, too.

If you are curious about trying out bottoming, the first step is finding a good playmate. The best gay tops are experienced, skilled and able to communicate their desires clearly and effectively. Look for a guy who has the right blend of gentleness and roughness, who can control you with his gaze and make you feel sexy and powerful.


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