February 1, 2024

How to Douch Gay Men

Douching is a little-known secret for sexy anal fun. Douching is basically rinsing your ass with water to get it clean of waste matter before you do something up there with a dildo or other sex toy. It is super easy, quick and helps to avoid any awkwardness or messy bottom situations - especially if you have a diet low in fibre and/or regular bowel movements.

There are 3 typical types of douches - a bulb, shower kit or an enema bag. Bulb douches are the most common - they usually consist of 2 pieces - a 'bubble' into which you fill water and a nozzle that you insert up your anus, squeezing to allow the water in. These are normally used for a shallow cleanse but there are some with a bigger nozzle for going a bit deeper.

Some guys use baby mucous suckers (normally found in the pharmacy's baby section) to douche their anuses - they're a little easier to insert than the nozzle of a shower kit or a bulb douche. They're also a bit less expensive than the other options.

Douching isn't foolproof, and it can cause damage to the intestinal lining if done too frequently or without proper technique. It is best to avoid douching if possible, and instead rely on a fibrous diet and self-douching with a dildo or butt plug as needed. For those who still feel the need to douche, be sure to rinse gently and take care not to damage your anus!


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