June 11, 2024

How to Do a Death Drop Like a Drag Queen

The article centers around the iconic death drop move performed by drag queens, prominently featured on the Emmy award-winning show "RuPaul's Drag Race." The writer expresses a longstanding admiration for the show, particularly the lip-sync battles where death drops often steal the spotlight.

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Attempting to Learn the Death Drop

Inspired to master the death drop, the writer attends RuPaul's DragCon to seek guidance from seasoned drag queens. The initial attempts at learning the move are described as rough, indicating the difficulty and precision required to execute a death drop correctly.

Key Techniques and Advice from Experts

Angela's Tips

Angela advises on the fundamental technique: fall to the floor with sass. This combines attitude with the physicality needed for the move.

Todrick Hall's Suggestions

Todrick Hall, a famous choreographer, suggests adding sass and exaggerating the movements for a more dramatic effect. The goal for a perfect death drop is to land with one leg out and one leg turned back while maintaining elegance and control.

The writer continually refines their technique through repeated practice and feedback, emphasizing the combination of elegance and control.

The Challenges and Physical Demands

The physical strain and potential for injury are highlighted through the writer’s experiences and humorous remarks about pain and cracked ribs. Performers note the additional challenges queens face, such as performing the move while in drag attire (wigs, pads, tucking).

Learning from the Best

Despite initial setbacks, guidance from experts on YouTube helps the writer gain a better understanding of body mechanics and achieve a more confident performance. The writer has a significant learning moment with Sasha Velour, season 9 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, who provides crucial tips to refine the death drop.

Reflections and Realizations

The writer reflects on the importance of stretching and the mantra "beauty is pain," acknowledging the physical toll the art of drag can take. There is a newfound appreciation for drag queens who incorporate strenuous moves like the death drop into their performances. The writer humorously accepts that mastering the death drop might take years and potentially lead to knee surgery, underscoring both the commitment and the risks involved.

Final Thoughts

The journey highlights not just the technical skill required for the death drop but also the perseverance, pain tolerance, and dedication that go into perfecting such extravagant performance art. The anecdotal and humorous tone of the article adds a personal touch, making the journey relatable and engaging for the reader.

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