June 12, 2024

How To Block Pride On Disney Plus: A Parental Guide

Disney Plus has rapidly risen to popularity as a leading streaming platform, featuring a huge collection of TV shows, movies, and documentaries catering to all age groups. However, the expansion of its content, including more mature themes under the Disney+ Star brand, has raised parental concerns about safeguarding their children's viewing experiences.

Disney Plus Parental Controls Features

Creating Kids Profiles

Parents can create Kid Profiles to restrict access to age-inappropriate content. Here’s how:

1. Log in to your Disney Plus account.

2. Navigate to the Profile section and click “Add Profile.”

3. Select “Kids Profile,” customize it with your child’s name and favorite avatar.

4. Save changes, ensuring the profile filters content based on age ratings.

Setting Content Ratings

To control the type of content your child's profile can access based on age ratings, follow these steps:

1. Access the Profile section and select the profile you want to manage.

2. Click “Edit Profile,” then choose the appropriate “Content Rating.”

3. Save your changes to ensure access is restricted to content within the chosen ratings.

Adding PIN Protection to Profiles

By adding a PIN to profiles, parents ensure that children cannot switch to profiles with higher content ratings without permission:

1. Go to the Profile section and select the profile to protect.

2. Enable the “Profile PIN” option.

3. Create and confirm a four-digit PIN.

Kid's Profile Exit Protection

To prevent children from exiting their restricted profiles, you can set up an exit question:

1. In the “Edit Profile” section, select the kid's profile.

2. Enable the “Kid-Proof Exit” toggle.

3. Set a simple exit question that only you or another trusted adult would know.

Additional Parental Controls for Enhanced Monitoring

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is an external app that provides comprehensive parental controls extending beyond Disney Plus:

1. Download and set up Google Family Link on the child’s device.

2. Set device usage limits and restrict app access, ensuring balanced screen time.

Home Wi-Fi Router Limits

Many home routers come with built-in parental controls. These can:

1. Set time limits on device usage by cutting off internet access after specific periods.

2. Create user profiles to track online activity and manage access to various sites and services.

Limitations of Disney Plus Parental Controls

While Disney Plus offers robust parental controls, there are limitations:

- It lacks the ability to block specific individual shows directly.

- There is no feature to monitor or limit screen time usage.

- Tech-savvy children might find ways to bypass some of the controls.

Common Concerns and Criticisms

Parents have voiced concerns over the potential inaccessibility of valuable educational and inclusive content when using stringent access filters:

- LGBT+ Content: Shows containing LGBT+ themes may not be accessible under “Junior Mode,” sparking controversy among users who value inclusivity.

- Historical Cultural Depictions: Older Disney content with outdated cultural depictions can be blocked but might need more granular control options for parents.


In summary, Disney Plus offers essential tools to help parents manage their children's media consumption. While the platform continues to evolve, the combined use of built-in parental controls and external tools like Google Family Link can ensure a more secure, well-rounded, and controlled viewing experience for children. Active parental engagement and open discussions about appropriate content are invaluable in navigating the complex media landscape of today.

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