January 31, 2024

How to Become a Gay Pornstar

The sexy lifestyle of porn stars, especially those who specialize in male scenes, is a lure for many men. Those interested in making a career out of it need to have the right looks and be able to do what producers want them to do, whether that's ejaculating on command or performing some other sexually explicit action. To get into the industry, you need a portfolio of professional photos or previous modeling experience. You'll also need to be willing to travel and relocate if you don't live in a big city like Miami or Los Angeles, where porn studios are most active.

If you can make it, you could earn about the same rate as a straight porn star. Generally speaking, the weirder the scene, the higher the pay. For instance, a guy-girl or intense bondage scene can bring in $800 per hour of filming. But you should keep in mind that the average salary in the adult industry is only $51,000.

One way to increase your paycheck is by selling your own home-made content on platforms like OnlyFans or Clips4Sale. This is a fairly new development in the gay porn industry and it gives performers more control over their income. The other way to boost your paycheck is by specializing in an exclusive niche or socking away your earnings in the form of savings. You can then invest that money in a sexy video camera to make even more sexy videos.


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