February 1, 2024

How To Become A Gay Male Escort

How To Become A Gay Male Escort

From his walk-up apartment on a fashionable gritty Soho block, Josh Brandon -- a lithe, alabaster-skinned platinum blond in his twenties with elfin features and an easy laugh -- runs a burgeoning business empire. He has an escort website directory, a public and a paywalled photo gallery site, an online sex shop and an adults-only dating site. He also teaches escort training courses and writes a book on the business.

He is a professional male escort who provides sexual services to men on request. These clients, called “customers,” pay Brandon an hourly rate to spend time with him and have sex, or other intimate encounters, for a fee. The sex work is strictly consensual and he takes care to maintain his clients’ safety at all times.

During his interview with GlobalPost, Brandon spoke about the many facets of his job that aren’t always immediately apparent to those outside of sex work. There are legalities, marketing, and scheduling that all play into his career as an escort. He also works closely with an agency manager and other escorts, all of whom are paid employees of the company.

He said he had no problem finding clients, and that it was more of a challenge to get them to stick around. He would advertise his services on a variety of websites, and oftentimes clients found him through Grindr, a popular GPS-enabled app he uses to connect with potential customers. He also used to go out to bars and clubs with his co-workers and hand out their business cards.


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