June 12, 2024

How to Become a Drag King: A Step-by-Step Guide

Becoming a drag king is a transformative and empowering journey that allows individuals to creatively explore and express their gender identity. Here's a comprehensive guide covering essential aspects to help you start your journey into the world of drag kings.

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Safety Concerns: It is crucial to avoid using duct tape or Ace bandages, as these can cause permanent damage. Instead, opt for binders from reputable brands like gc2b. While KT tape can also help, the author did not personally test this option.

Alternative Approaches: Remember, binding is optional. Some performers, like Devon Ayers, choose not to bind and instead incorporate their natural body into their act.

Choosing a Stage Name

Process: Selecting a stage name can be a fun process. It should resonate personally or be a clever pun. For inspiration, consider popular boy names or names that include letters you particularly like.

Personas and Performance Type

Starting Out: It's helpful to begin with a familiar genre, like boy band or pop music.

Evolution: Over time, develop a unique performance style. Stand out by incorporating elements such as video editing for backgrounds.

Makeup Essentials

Having the right makeup supplies is essential for creating a convincing drag king look. Here are some basics:

  • Primer
  • Foundation (2 shades lighter/darker)
  • Makeup sponge
  • Contour and highlight palette or stick
  • Eyebrow pencil/kit
  • Translucent setting powder/spray
  • Makeup wipes/remover
  • Optional: Concealer and color corrector

Brushes you will need include contour, highlight, blending, and powder brushes. Budget-friendly brushes, such as those from 5Below, are recommended for beginners.

Facial Hair

Techniques for creating facial hair include using eyeshadow or eyeliner for precision. For a fuller beard, you can cut up a makeup brush that matches your hair color and adhere it with hairspray.


Hygiene: Ensure your costumes are clean. Thrift shops are excellent sources for drag outfits.

Customization: Add stones or sparkly trim to make your costume stand out. Use adhesives like e6000 carefully.

Music and Performance

Music Mixes: Stand out by using creative mixes beyond typical sexy songs. Incorporate humor or thematic elements in your selection.

Tools: Audacity is a free and user-friendly tool for editing music.

Practice: Rehearse in front of a mirror or record your performances to refine your act.

Performance Nerves

Managing Anxiety: Focus on your music right before performing to calm your nerves. Also, be mindful and respectful of audience members' personal boundaries.

Community and Further Learning

Drag Kings to Follow: Learn from established kings like Santana Romero, Riley Poppyseed, Johnny Justice, and others.

Online Resources: Join Facebook groups like Drag Kings Unite for additional support and advice.

By incorporating these points into your preparation and performances, you can become a successful and mindful drag king.

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