February 1, 2024

How to Be Gay Book Review

A dazzling book that parses gay culture in all its idiosyncratic, fetishized forms—including kitsch, melodrama, and camp—to hold up a floor-length mirror to this subculture. Halperin’s acute attention to gay male sensibility makes this a masterful study of the way sexuality takes shape as culture, finding anchors for its pleasures and dramas.

Queer people face many different anxieties and fears when it comes to their identity. They may worry about their family’s reaction, fear being ostracized by friends, or doubt that they can build loving relationships. These worries can take a toll on mental health, especially for LGBTQ-identifying youth who are at higher risk for suicide. That’s why it’s so important for all individuals, regardless of their sexuality or gender expression, to have access to books that reflect and celebrate LGBTQ identities.

Whether these books are a happy distraction during difficult times, a way to explore parts of ourselves we’ve hesitated to embrace before, or just a gentle squeeze to let us know we’re not alone, they all play a critical role in helping LGBTQ people to better understand their own identities. To honor Pride Month, we’ve rounded up 11 amazing LGBTQ books that are sure to help readers thrive.

The beloved author of Fun Home and the founder of the Bechdel Test—a model for judging how well a movie or TV show features substantive dialogue between women—shares her own coming out story in this graphic memoir. This moving and empowering book will leave you with a new appreciation for the wide diversity of coming out experiences.


Explore the provocative and playful realm of Dreamy Dave, where slutty shots and daring merchandise come together for an experience dripping with desire and temptation.