June 11, 2024

How to Be a Drag King: Journey of Transformation and Expression


The Magic of Being a First-Time Drag King

Becoming a Drag King can be a transformative and empowering journey that allows performers to explore and express their gender identity in creative ways, all within a supportive and welcoming community.

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Personal Experiences

Jim Junkie

Jim Junkie felt ecstatic upon discovering the Drag King community. It provided a creative outlet for his gender expression and a supportive network of performers who uplift and encourage each other.

Zaddy B Cool

Zaddy B Cool developed a deeper sense of belonging and self-expression through participating in a safe, inclusive space, which significantly enhanced his personal growth.

Phallixander the Great

Phallixander the Great's journey into drag performance led to significant self-growth and an acceptance and celebration of his masculinity.

The Process of Becoming a Drag King

Developing a Persona

Creating a Drag King persona involves choosing a name, crafting a backstory, constructing a distinct look, and practicing performances. It allows for experimentation with different identities and a non-toxic expression of masculinity.

Exploration of Masculinity

Being a Drag King provides a space to experiment with various facets of masculinity that might not be accessible in everyday life. This exploration is crucial for understanding and embracing one's gender identity.

Personal Growth and Acceptance

Boy Michael

Boy Michael overcame fears about gender expression, found peace with his gender identity, and felt deeply accepted within the Drag King community.

Martin van Tasmal

Martin van Tasmal felt embraced for his unique, genderfluid self, which reaffirmed his identity and boosted his confidence.

Lord Quill the III

Lord Quill the III explored his masculine and sexy sides, feeling affirmed and warmly welcomed in the drag world.

Challenging Traditional Gender Roles

Activism Through Performance

Being a Drag King is a powerful act of challenging traditional gender roles and asserting the right to self-expression.

Nawab Lord Lestrange

As a newcomer to the country, Nawab Lord Lestrange found a sense of belonging and community through drag.

Maggot Banks & Klit Angel

Maggot Banks and Klit Angel gained confidence and reclaimed their masculinity on their terms, challenging societal norms.

Overcoming Challenges and Transformations

BJ Shuvit

BJ Shuvit found confidence, developed closer ties to the queer community, and embraced a sense of divine masculinity through performing.

Cyber Prince & Bo Radley

Cyber Prince and Bo Radley emphasized the importance of belonging and how their experience in drag helped them feel comfortable in their own skin.


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