March 9, 2024

How to Approach a Guy at the Gym

The gym is a space where people gather to focus on their fitness goals, and everyone deserves a distraction-free environment. Respecting the personal space of others will help you avoid being overly intrusive or pushy, and it will also give you a better chance of making new friends or potential romantic connections.

Maintaining good hygiene will make you more approachable at the gym, so be sure to wear clean workout clothes and use deodorant that won’t overwhelm your senses. Additionally, don’t be afraid to take off your earphones every once in a while to engage in friendly conversation with other members of the gym community. Finally, smiling and displaying confidence will show that you’re approachable and willing to connect with other people in the gym community.

When you notice the guy you’re interested in at the gym, start a casual conversation with him. Offer a genuine compliment or ask a question about his favorite piece of equipment or exercise routine. This will show that you’re interested in him without making him feel uncomfortable.

If he seems eager to continue the conversation, try asking for help with something. Whether it’s asking for advice on an exercise or machine, or for a spotter if you’re struggling to lift that 250-pound weight some jerk left behind, men love to help. Just be sure to only ask for assistance if he’s not in the middle of a heavy lift, or you could risk injuring yourself.


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