February 1, 2024

How to Add Gay Pride on Facebook

Facebook has been promoting its LGBTQ-themed features for Pride month. Among them is a temporary rainbow reaction for posts, which you can use to express your love and support for friends. The reaction is available this June in "major markets with Pride celebrations" and for people who like the company's LGBTQ@Facebook page.

Unlike other reactions, the rainbow reaction will not appear on every post you see, and it will only be available during Pride month. Facebook explains that "the reaction you choose will be shown to other people who see your post and you'll also have the option to remove it at any time."

You can also show your support by adding a Pride ribbon to your profile picture, which is already available for everyone on the site. There are also a number of Pride-themed frames, stickers and filters for Messenger and Instagram, along with a rainbow filter for Stories. Facebook also has a Pride-themed hashtag feed and is turning walls in major cities into colorful beacons of LGBTQ support.

The company is also encouraging its users to donate or start fundraisers for LGBTQ organizations and people. It is also supporting the community with a Pride photo booth at its headquarters in California and by turning over its advertising platform to LGBTQ advertisers. You can also raise funds on behalf of nonprofits and individuals on the social network using Facebook's Give button, which is designed to help people connect with causes that matter to them.


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