February 1, 2024

How Often Do Gay Couples Have Intercourse?

When it comes to gay sex and relationships, many people have a lot of questions. One of the most common is how often do gay couples have intercourse? The answer is that it varies. Some homosexuals have a strong, committed relationship and never have sex outside of that relationship. Others have a close relationship but openly acknowledge that they have other sexual liaisons as well. Infidelity in a supposedly closed relationship is probably just as common among gay men and lesbians as it is with heterosexuals. Gay men who have sex with other men are also at higher risk for mental health problems including depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. They are also at risk for anorexia and bulimia.

Gay men are at high risk for HIV infection, but they can take steps to prevent infection, including using protection and practicing responsible anal sex (douche or water enema). There is still a belief that gay sex is dirty and leads to STDs, even years after the AIDS epidemic. It should go without saying, but HIV-positive gay men can have sex with non-HIV-positive partners, as long as they use condoms and practice safe sex.

Some gay men have a clear preference for acting as the insertive partner during penetrative sex; they are known colloquially as "tops." Other men prefer to be receptive to penetration, and they are commonly known as "bottoms." Those who play both roles have been called "pitchers." This gender hierarchy is based on a false binary -- everyone's sexual preferences are fluid, and restrictive gender roles should have no place in any relationship.


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