February 1, 2024

How Much Do Gay Strippers Make?

Most men join the male strip club business in order to make a little extra cash. They might be struggling to pay their rent or trying to pay for tuition. Some even work full-time jobs and just want to do something a little bit different on the weekends. That’s why many male strippers choose to work at gay clubs – they offer $20 lap dances for women and they tend to get paid much more than their female counterparts do.

In addition, many male strippers do revue shows at the gay clubs. These are full-theater style performances in front of a large crowd. These shows pay the most in the stripping world but are also the most difficult to do. Many male strippers will do 1 or 2 revue shows a night and will still be paid very well for their performance.

It is not uncommon for a male stripper to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per weekend at a gay club. This is particularly true if the dancer performs in private rooms for big spenders or at bachelorette party events. Many men will come to the club to buy multiple lap dances from different dancers but they will often end up going home with the dancer that really wowed them.

Many people wonder why straight male strippers choose to work at gay clubs. Some of them have a strict moral code that they do not work for gay customers but others say that the money is just too good to pass up. Plus, performing in a gay club is much more exciting and raucous than working at a straight club.


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