February 2, 2024

How Many WWE Superstars Are Gay Or Bisexual?

Professional wrestling is known as a macho sport, but it has become more accepting of LGBT individuals in recent years. The sport has seen a number of openly gay and bisexual wrestlers, including the likes of Mickie James, Darren Young, and Paige. It has also seen a few female stars come out as part of the community, including Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Tegan Nox is another star to recently reveal that she is bisexual, and it has even helped one of her fans come out.

This is quite an incredible story, especially considering the fact that Nox was a closeted gay woman when she first joined WWE. The fan claimed that he had been in a relationship with a woman for years, and that he only discovered his own sexuality because of Nox’s revelation. He even said that Nox had saved his life, and we can definitely see why so many people love her for being so honest.

Shayna Baszler is another wrestler who has embraced her sexuality and is not afraid to show it off in the ring. She has created a very unique persona for herself in WWE and is a hugely talented wrestler to boot. Her fans have been behind her all the way, and she is one of the most popular performers on the main roster.


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