June 9, 2024

How Many Likes a Day Hinge: Maximize Your Dating Success

In today's fast-paced online dating world, Hinge stands out with its unique approach centered on fostering meaningful connections. Understanding how the 'like' system works on Hinge is crucial for maximizing success on the app. Here's a detailed breakdown based on extensive research on the platform.

How “Liking” Works on Hinge

On Hinge, likes are used to express interest in specific parts of someone's profile—such as replies to prompts or photos—rather than liking an entire profile. When someone likes your profile in return, you can start a conversation or match, entering a private chat room for messaging.

To increase your chances of success, it's recommended to accompany your like with a comment that shows genuine interest and initiates a conversation, bypassing typical small talk and creating an immediate connection.

Unlimited Likes Feature

Hinge offers both a basic free version and paid premium versions (Hinge+ and HingeX) with additional features:

  • Basic Version: Allows you to send up to eight likes per day.
  • Premium Versions: Provide unlimited likes and more detailed preference settings.

The app's philosophy focuses on quality over quantity, encouraging users to be thoughtful and selective with their likes.

Receiving Likes and Matches

Hinge does not limit the number of likes you can receive, but the free version only allows visibility to the most recent like, whereas premium versions can show up to 99 likes. The number of matches per day can vary, with an average of about five likes. Women typically receive more likes due to the gender imbalance on the app.

Optimization Tips

Creating a detailed and engaging profile significantly increases your chances of getting more likes. Here are some tips:

  • Complete Your Profile: Fully fill out your profile to avoid red flags and make yourself more attractive.
  • Creative Prompts: Answer Hinge's prompts thoughtfully and creatively to showcase your personality.
  • Strategic Likes: Use your limited likes wisely and always add comments to show genuine interest.
  • Quality Photos: Upload a minimum of six high-quality photos showing various activities and settings.

Additional Features and Tips

For basic users, the number of daily likes resets at 4 AM local time. On Hinge, anyone can like first, and both users need to mutually like each other to start chatting. While likes don’t expire, failing to act on them might result in missing out on potential matches.

How to Get More Likes for Free

Improve your Hinge experience without spending money by:

  • Fully completing your profile.
  • Answering prompts creatively.
  • Being selective with your likes and adding personal comments.
  • Using the weekly Rose feature to highlight interest.
  • Using high-quality, professional photos.


How many likes can you see on Hinge?

The basic version shows the top like, while premium versions display up to 99 likes.

How many likes do you get as a girl on Hinge?

Popular users, particularly women, can receive 99+ likes daily.

Does Hinge notify if you send a Rose?

Yes, sending a Rose places your profile at the top of the recipient’s feed.

By investing time in your profile and photos, you can significantly increase your chances of finding meaningful connections, aligning with Hinge’s ultimate goal of helping users delete the app after finding a perfect match.

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