June 12, 2024

How Many Hinge Likes Do You Get a Day and How to Increase Them

Online dating has become an essential part of modern relationships, and standing out on platforms like Hinge is more important than ever. Optimizing your profile involves understanding the mechanics of the app's "likes" feature, as well as employing strategic elements to make your profile attractive and engaging.

Understanding Hinge's Like Limits

Hinge limits users to sending up to eight likes per day on the free version of the app. This feature resets at 4:00 AM local time, encouraging users to be selective and thoughtful about their interactions.

For those looking for more flexibility, Hinge offers two premium subscriptions:

  • Hinge+: $9.99 per month, providing unlimited likes, advanced preferences, and unlimited rewinds.
  • HingeX: $19.99 per month, includes all Hinge+ features plus additional perks.

Improving Your Profile's Appeal

Enhancing your Hinge profile can greatly increase your chances of receiving meaningful likes and matches. Here are several tips to make your profile stand out:

Ditch the Selfies

Selfies can come across as vain and self-absorbed. Instead, use candid and action photos taken by others to appear more natural and social.

Use a Portrait Profile Photo

A high-resolution portrait as your first image is crucial for making a strong impression. Ensure the photo is clear and captures your face well.

Avoid Group Photos

Group photos can confuse potential matches who may not identify which person you are. Additionally, you might appear less attractive in comparison to others in the picture.

Don’t Try to Please Everyone

Showcase your own likes, values, and personality rather than trying to appeal to a broad audience. Consider apps like ROAST to help eliminate people-pleasing elements and appear more confident.

Utilize Hinge Prompts

Hinge prompts make your bio interesting and provide conversation starters for potential matches. Include travel tips, fun facts, interests, and quirky thoughts to make your profile more engaging.

Effective Strategies and Engagement

Be Open-Minded

Avoid being overly picky by considering more than just profile photos. Take the time to read bios and be open to connecting with various profiles.

Avoid Overindulging in Right Swipes

Swiping right on everyone isn’t effective and quickly uses up your daily likes. Be selective and swipe on profiles that genuinely interest you.

Send the First Message

Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move. Initiating the conversation can make you appear more attractive and reduces the pressure to break the ice.

Spark Curiosity

Make your profile intriguing by showcasing unique hobbies or interests. Craft a bio that sets you apart and adds individuality to make you memorable.

Add Proof Points

Verified details can enhance your trustworthiness and make you a more reliable match. Include specific details about your identity and interests to build credibility.


Maximizing your experience on Hinge involves a combination of thoughtful profile completion, strategic interaction, and leveraging both basic and premium features. Focusing on quality photos, creative prompts, and engaging conversation techniques can significantly improve your chances of finding meaningful connections on the app.

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