January 31, 2024

How Many Hallmark Actors Are Gay

Hallmark actors are known for their charming personalities and romantic stories, but some of them have also made an impact offscreen. Some have been out as gay, while others have supported LGBTQ causes in their personal lives. Their openness has helped challenge stigma and inspire others. In addition, they have helped bring visibility to LGBTQ characters on television and in movies.

The rom-com network is slowly but surely adding new faces and identities to its time-honored romance narratives and festive flicks. This year, it debuted Friends & Family Christmas, the first-ever holiday movie to feature a lesbian couple. The film stars longtime Hallmark actor Ali Liebert and newcomer Humberly Gonzalez as two women who pretend to be in a relationship to please their parents and find a deeper connection with one another.

Another gay Hallmark star is Regina King, who has starred in a few of the network's movies. The actress has had roles as shoe fetishists and Christmasphobes, and she is also an activist for the LGBTQ community. King has been an advocate for anti-bullying and anti-racist initiatives, including her work with the Trans Life Line organization, which provides material and emotional support for LGBTQ youth and adults.

Mean Girls alum Jonathan Bennett made history with his role in 2020's The Christmas House, the first-ever Hallmark movie to center on a same-sex couple. He reprised the role in 2022's The Christmas Sitter. Other movies that featured gay Hallmark couples include Christmas Made to Order, Wedding of a Lifetime, and The Christmas Cottage.


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