June 13, 2024

How Many Children Does Judge Mathis Have? Family Insights

Judge Mathis recently announced the joyous engagement of his eldest son Greg Mathis Jr. to Elliott Cooper via a heartfelt Instagram post. The announcement featured photos of the newly engaged couple surrounded by their supportive family and friends. Judge Mathis's caption brimming with happiness and love, set the tone for a memorable occasion.

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Support from Family and Fans

The engagement announcement was met with overwhelming support from loved ones and fans alike. The comment section was flooded with well-wishes and expressions of love and gratitude not only from Greg Mathis Jr. and Elliott Cooper but also from Greg's younger brother, Amir Mathis, who responded with heartfelt emojis.

Mathis Family Dynamics

Known for their tight-knit and supportive nature, the Mathis family’s dynamic has been a staple on their reality TV series "Mathis Family Matters." The show has showcased the profound support within the family, which was once again evident through their reactions to Greg Mathis Jr.'s engagement and his personal journey.

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Greg Mathis Jr.'s Coming Out Journey

Public Revelation

Greg Mathis Jr. had publicly come out as part of the LGBTQ+ community during a 2022 episode of "Mathis Family Matters." This step was a significant and brave move, highlighting his fear and vulnerability associated with making his identity known on a public platform.

Impact of Representation

Mathis Jr. emphasized the importance of representation and its potential to save lives by making individuals feel more comfortable with their identities. His journey was not just personal but also a beacon of hope for many who might be struggling with their identity issues.

Protective Measures

He shared the weight of protecting his father's career by keeping his identity a secret until he felt ready to come out publicly. This decision underscores the intersection of personal lives with professional and public responsibilities.

Judge Mathis' Reflections

Judge Mathis expressed that the episode where his son publicly came out was profoundly emotional. Speaking to BET.com, he revealed that the segment held particular significance because Greg Jr. had initially come out to the family at the age of 18. Thus, the public announcement was not just a personal milestone but a significant moment for the entire family.


The joyous engagement of Greg Mathis Jr. to Elliott Cooper, combined with the steadfast support from the Mathis family and fans, highlights the essence of love and acceptance. Greg Mathis Jr.'s coming out journey and Judge Mathis' reflections solidify the profound messages of representation and familial support. Their story continues to inspire many, reminding us of the significance of acceptance and the power of openly embracing one’s identity.

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