February 1, 2024

How I Know You're Gay Jokes

There is nothing like a good laugh, and there are few things as refreshing as a well told joke. Whether it's a one-liner, a pun, or even a self deprecating joke, a good gag can bring a smile to the face of everyone who hears it. The following are some of our favorite how i know you re gay jokes that are sure to make you squeal with laughter.

Gay jokes

One day a man walks into a church service and he sees a bunch of straight guys looking at him. He wonders if they think that he's a pain in the arse. Then the pastor explains that they're actually looking at him because he is gay.

Gay men name their penises. They also use ribbed condoms so they can grip the sex better. They also squeak when they fart. And when they're angry, they call it the gay version of a pinata.

Two gay guys are sitting in a bar and the first guy lets out a soft, airy fart. Then the second guy lets out a loud and raucous fart. Then they both look at each other and say, "That's what I get for being horny."

A lesbian couple and a gay couple check into the same hotel. But when they wake up the next morning, it's on fire. Who will be out of there first? The lesbians, of course! They're going 69. The gays will still be at home packing their shit.


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