February 1, 2024

Hallmark Actors Who Are Gay in Real Life

When it comes to Hallmark Channel films, there are several actors who are gay in real life that bring their unique talents and experiences to the screen. Through their advocacy and authentic portrayals, these talented actors are helping to shape the way that LGBTQ characters are portrayed on television while fostering inclusion and acceptance within the community.

Jonathan Bennett, known for his role in the hit show Mean Girls, has become a recognizable face for fans of Hallmark movies, captivating audiences with his genuine charisma and talent. He is proud to be gay and has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ representation in the entertainment industry. Luke Macfarlane, known for his work on Brothers & Sisters and in other high-profile series and movies, is another familiar face in Hallmark films. He has been open about his sexual orientation since 2008 and continues to charm viewers with his acting and philanthropic efforts. Cameron Mathison, Steve Lund, and Peter Porte are also recognizable Hallmark actors who have made an impact on the franchise through their authentic performances and advocacy.

In 2018, Hallmark broke ground by introducing the first nonbinary actor to star in one of their productions. Donia Kash's portrayal of Suzette in The Secrets of Bella Vista marked a significant milestone for the network and highlighted their commitment to inclusivity. This trailblazing work has helped to shift the way that other networks and production companies are approaching their filmmaking, fostering a greater sense of inclusiveness across the industry.


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